A Long Road Home

They’re almost home! As I’m writing this, FSU and SVSU are either headed to St. Joe, MI and dinner at Dairy Queen (a luxury no longer known in Big Rapids) and NMU and MTU are headed north through Wisconsin to get back to their campuses.   FSU is estimating getting in around 10, which should … More A Long Road Home

Team NMU

This was NMU’s first year traveling with FSU for the trip, but not their first time building with Casas and you can tell!  Their house looks great!!!


Our second team, SVSU and FSU, worked with Jason Laffan from Casas.  Their worksite was the farthest out of the three and they did great at getting all of it done!  Some of their pictures you might have seen before – Brandon sent me photos every night for the blog.  Thanks Brandon! 


The Mexico team is headed back home! After a Chick-Fil-A breakfast this morning, they’re headed across Texas for the longest day of the trip back (mostly because Texas is the longest state they have to cross and it takes f-o-r-e-v-e-r…it’s not an exaggeration either, I promise!).   It becomes even longer when the yellow van … More Team FSU/MTU

The Walls are UP!

Day 2 has been really great. We got a lot done on the work site and it’s been really awesome to see the house take shape. I can’t wait to see it done! Being a non-Spanish speaking person I can’t interact much with the family we are building for. But, there is a little girl … More The Walls are UP!

First Day Building!

Here’s a missions trip first for you! We have pictures and everyone is still in Mexico!  Brandon has international texting and sent me a bunch of pictures of his building site from their first day building.  As I was uploading photos, Trevor texted me as well with some more details.   There’s no other updates … More First Day Building!

Counting Cows

The His House team is currently driving from Amarillo, Texas towards Roswell, New Mexico and a horizontal surface to sleep on – something everyone is looking forward too! Today’s a fairly boring day updates wise because as Courtney aptly described it “since we were just in vans the whole day.”   The most common story … More Counting Cows

On Their Way!!!

As of yesterday at 5:47p, all of the campuses were on their way south! And by 7:24, FSU was already making their first pit stop… Because I’m not actually traveling with them this year, the students are texting me updates and photos to post on here for you.  I hope you laugh as much as … More On Their Way!!!